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Charcuterie and Rosé {Magic Hour + Cook}

I’ve always been a huge fan of the pepperoni-and-cheese tray, but that love and appreciation for the ‘art of the charcuterie tray,’ {a tray of cured meats}, rose to a whole new level during my trip to France.  While in Paris, I had charcuterie of some kind at just about every meal.  Sometimes, the servers would bring a few cured meat selections to the table automatically with the bread, or I’d order a charcuterie plate as an appetizer, or ‘entrée’ as it’s known in France.  It was amazing – and it was a love that I definitely brought back to the states with me.  

There are a TON of options and you can spend forever trying to pair things perfectly {THIS is a great article to reference if you want to be a lil’ fancy!}, but my theory is to just pick a few selections that you like from each ‘category’ and then things fall into place and blend well. The best charcuterie boards have a nice mix of thickly sliced meats {like pepperoni and hard salami}, and thinly sliced meat {like prosciutto}, breads and crackers {I like doing one of each option}, a cheese or two {I love to incorporate brie and parmesan, or a go-with-everything mozzarella}, and then a few fun things like olives, cornichons, honey, and nuts.  Unifying elements are good, or something that you know goes together well, and then I like to balance flavors, offering a spicy, sweet, and savory option.  Specialty stores are a great place to find something, well, ‘special,’ but I find that grocery stores have great options, too.   They have the basics, but also fancier things like pepper-coated salami {one of my favorites!}

Paired with a glass of wine – THIS Loire valley rosé is good with everything this time of year- a charcuterie tray works as an app, but sometimes it works as just ‘dinner,’ maybe accompanied with a salad – and is great for nights you don’t really feel like cooking {which, even for me, is a lot of nights!}.  

Krista Brackin Photography

What are your favorite charcuterie options?


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