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Falling for Fall

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If you live in a place similar to where I do (east coast/northern DE/really close to Philly), you usually end up with like five actual ‘fall’ days.  You know – the ones with crisp air, sweater weather, temps in the 50s and 60s, perfect for sipping pumpkin spice everything….  The rest of the days between September 21 (when the summer technically ends) and December 21 (when it actually IS winter) usually bounce between a crazy Indian Summer that we’ve been having (hello, 82 degree weather the day before Halloween!  The poor kids were sweating through their polyester costumes…) and wintery blasts, where you could legitimately wear a winter coat out the door in the morning.   And by bounce I mean bounce.  No gradual warming up or cooling down – 82 one day, then 32 the next morning (no joke, this happened TODAY).  But those five days that we do get?  Well, they sure are pretty.  Filled with apple picking and pumpkin patches, bright sunny days and equally bright autumn sunsets, and crisp, fresh air you can’t help but fill your lungs with.  So, we’ll happily take the bouncing back and forth as long as we still get those five perfect autumn days.  

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