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February {Fresh New Month}

February, sweet February…how quickly you have arrived!  After a super quiet and low-key January that I talked about HERE, I’m ready to get things moving.  To get more specific and to make an actual game plan, I did some quick brainstorming…so, here we go!

Get moving!  I’m doing pretty good with food planning, eating good stuff, cutting down on the junk, but I’ve GOT to get to the gym.  I’ll be away on a work trip this weekend, and my coworker and I already have plans for squeezing in 1-2 workouts, and then when I get back next week, I REALLY want to make working out a 3-4 time per week thing.  Regardless of whatever other craziness I’ve got going on this month, I’ve gotta make this happen.

Clothes.  I’ve really got to ask Jesus to take the wheel on this one, as  – when I haven’t been in pajamas, sweatpants, or yoga pants {sans yoga} – for the past month or two I’ve been LIVING in hand-me-down comfy work pants from my 61 year old, middle school math teacher mother.  Seriously…good LORD.  The goal this month is to really get RID of the stuff I’m going to wear {or I SHOULDN’T wear} and get going on the path to starting fresh.  Adding a few staples that I don’t hate and/or from my mother’s Goodwill pile will be key, as will be clearing out these things from many years, pounds, and trends ago.

Stick to my editorial calendar.  I’ve got some posts that I’m pretty excited about waiting in the wings, but they’re no good if they’re not shared, so I’ve got to get on that, regardless of what it takes to make it happen {as I type this at 11:45pm….}

Do the work.  I have some serious work to churn out at my day job, so I’m able to enjoy the spring/early summer I have planned {spring break should be aaaaaaawesommmme!!  Working on the details now, but I’ll share soon!}, so that’s the light at the end of the tunnel as I plod through these busy days ahead.  It’s a bit overwhelming, I”ll admit, but a little ‘nose to the grindstone’ type hard work never hurt anyone, right?

Let the down time be down time.  I mentioned that this month will be a busy one…  I’m traveling three out of the four weekends in February, and the weekend I’m home, I have a tax appointment {uuuuuggghhhh}, a photo shoot, and a book club meeting.  So, yeah…a little crazy.  But these are trips/events {minus the taxes…I dread that day every year} I’m pretty excited about, so I really want to be able to stay in the moment to enjoy everything and take it all in.  So, phone away, no thinking about to-do lists, and staying present are all in order.

So, after thinking about your 2017 focuses, what are the specifics you plan to do this month?  What are those ‘action steps’ that will get you closer to that goal?  How will you make this month great?  Feel free to share in the comments!

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