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Hello, Summer. {Fresh New Month}

Oh my goodness, time really flies!  I can’t hardly believe that we’re here in June, but  – I have to say, I can’t complain!  This time of year will be my forever favorite, and I’m beyond excited to get that summer livin’ going strong.  It was a fun spring filled with lots and lots of good things, but it seems like forever ago since I checked in and gave a lil’ recap of what’s going on ‘round here, so let’s get get good and caught up, K?!

Last time I shared a few things I was focusing on {in lieu of those ‘big promises but no follow-through’ resolutions that way-too-often catch us in their trap} in this new year, and – while I haven’t been perfect – I have done pretty well {if I do say so myself…}.  My ‘things’ were making healthy choices with food/exercise/sleep, productivity, clearing the clutter, goals for the blog, and filling my day with inspiration.  

First up – the ‘HEALTHY CHOICES’ stuff…  While I can’t say I’ve made huge progress {I didn’t lose 40 pounds and I didn’t run a half marathon…but, not that I was really trying to}, I have made some tiny steps forward, which – honestly – I think that when it comes to this kind of ‘stuff,’ that’s half the battle.  With the help of a realistic ‘food plan,’ meal prepping, cooking more at home, and keeping things I don’t want or need out of the house {I’m looking at you, gummi bears…}, I feel pretty good and see that scale has gone down a few ticks.  I could still get more sleep and I definitely need to exercise more, but It’s true that you can’t do everything all at once, and – like always – this is an area that always comes in a little lower on the totem pole of priorities than it should {I don’t think I’m alone there…}, but I feel like I’m in a good position to move this up closer to the top when I have more time to devote to it this summer.

Next in line, PRODUCTIVITY…  Ugh – I feel like this is the beast that so many of us wrestle day in and day out, but I finally feel like I’ve got the upper hand in the fight.  The thing that’s made the most difference?  Accepting that – usually – I have the attention span of an elementary school child with 50 things floating through my head at once {God help me if anyone looks at the randomness that is my Google search history…}.  I think this is common for the gold-star multi-taskers, and in the creative field, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I get SO many ideas while I’m working – it’s like, once the creative juices start moving, they REALLY flow…BUT, I’ve gotta check some details off the list before I can get to my big-time dreaming and scheming.  So, embracing this 20-25 minute or so bit of focused attention I can squeeze out at a time, I set a timer and get to work, and then follow it up with a quick break {5 minutes…just enough time to refill my water bottle, write that ‘thing’ down on a list, or Google that random, meaningless question that popped into my head.}  I swear, I’ve really checked off so many things this way, and by powering through the ‘get this done’ list, I’ve been able to spend bigger chunks of time on the more ‘thoughtful’ things I’ve wanted to spend time pondering, which is totally the point, right?  

CLEARING THE CLUTTER, it’s your turn…  So I – literally – have NOT purchased ANY new clothes, or shoes {minus two bathing suits and one pair of flip flops for my spring break vacation a really cute ‘Bake It Easy’ sweatshirt from Cherry Bombe Jubilee – I had to, guys!} all spring.  I’m certainly not going to be winning a spot on anyone’s best dressed list anytime soon, but it had to be done.  I’ve given away a whole bunch of stuff {so many bags to Goodwill}, and am getting ready to go through for one more sweep of things I don’t like, want, or need anymore, before I commit to some staples for the summer – hopefully moving closer and closer to my DREAM of a capsule wardrobe of really awesome basics and a few high-impact, fun  items.  For some reason, shopping and the day-to-day of just picking out something to wear has only gotten more stressful {I’m sure it’s because I’ve got fifty million other things in my head fighting for my attention} and overwhelming as the years go on, and there’s got to be something to this whole ‘uniform’ thing.

THE BLOG…So this is one area where I’m really high-fiving myself.  I’ve forged myself a path where I can see pretty clearly at least a few steps ahead, as well as the big picture of where I want to be going, and that feels pretty darn good.  I *reallycan’twait* to put out into the world what I’m cooking up {sort of, literally – at least for some things!}, and I promise to roll things out ASAP.  The work {and it’s a LOT of work…} I’ve got in front of me feels like work I was meant to do, and I can’t help but feel like I’m including good things – good things for me and good things for others – in my mission.  Plein de vie, indeed, friends.

And finally, INSPIRATION.  It’s true that the days are long and the months are short, and those long days can be tedious and rushed, and though you feel like you’re not doing anything exciting in the moment, you look back and think, “My goodness, did I really do all that?”  That’s kind of the boat I’m finding myself rowing right now…it’s true that there was a ton of busy work and I was in the weeds with it all more than I would have liked to be, and I didn’t meditate, or do enough yoga, or spend enough time in a ‘peaceful silence’ and what have you, but I really packed a LOT into these past few months.  I’ve been on more planes than I can count, been to a bunch of places I’ve never been to before {I’ll share all about it within the next few weeks… I have some awesome pics I’ve been dying to share!}, spent time with so many of my favorite people, and generally fit a lot of ‘life’ in.  I’ve put the phone down, I’ve let new people and new experiences in.  I didn’t waste as much time on silly things as I think I have in the past, and I’ve kept things moving.  I’ve opened up in so many ways, and I’ve learned so much about myself and about life’s big things and {equally important} little things.  And I can’t really complain one bit about all that.

As summer eases in with its warm days and calm nights, please feel free to *clink* with me that glass of rosé that I hope you have in your hand, and let’s toast to days filled with good work and good rest, long beach walks with cool ocean breezes, and lots of laughter and love over these next few months.

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