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January Wrap Up {Fresh New Year}

It’s hard to believe that the first month of this fresh new year is already gone.  Other than the goal setting and ‘fresh start’ aspect – which, I love – January is definitely not a favorite month of mien.  It’s cold, the holidays are over and you don’t know quite what to do with yourself (and you don’t really feel like doing anything), and everyone – especially this year – starts to get sick.  Just in the past two weeks alone I had a sinus infection and a stomach flu, all the kids I know are are sick, and so many friends and family members are knocked out with something God awful.  

There were some really bright spots this month – we had snow, my cousin got engaged, I have a new nephew, and I spent a good amount of time – despite my hibernation efforts – with friends and family.  I’ll check this all off as a ‘winter win!’  

Instead of making a bunch of changes on January first, I focus on using the month to think about and set intentions for the year (I also talked about this last year of my favorite posts I’ve written).  I also got back to the blog (though not posting as much as I’d have liked to…real life, and all), but sharing the ways I’m trying to make this an awesome year – based on my trial and error experience of things that do work, that don’t work, and what I’m trying to incorporate more of into my everyday.  

New year’s resolutions are always fleeting.  They have momentum for a few weeks (at most), and things usually fade back into the regular ol’ routine, but I’m trying to keep this ‘fresh start’ energy alive.  I wanted to share everyday, but that didn’t happen – for a few reasons, but mainly because I’m getting used to the writing workflow for what works for me and what doesn’t.  There’s a few things that I intended to share this month that I’d still like to put out there – so I’ve decided to do a Monday post each week carrying on this ‘Fresh New Year’ vibe for at least February and March, to hopefully help me {and maybe someone else!} keep up that good momentum and set some good habits.  

I’m super happy with what I have shared so far, if you want to check these posts out:

The kickoff 2018 post – introducing my thoughts for this fresh new year.

My promise to get more sleep this year – so far, so good!!

On finding inspiration.

My concept of ‘on the surface.’

Meal prep!  

A legacy of service.  

Organization and Productivity tips and tricks.

So, let’s move forward – this year is already 1/12 of the way in the books – and let’s make this a pretty awesome year, filled with all the things you’ve wanted to do and all the things you’ve wanted to be.  

Image: Krista Brackin Photography

One response to “January Wrap Up {Fresh New Year}”

  1. Michelle says:

    Motivating me to keep a positive attitude about my goals for the year. Thank you!

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