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May Designs {Essentials}


We all have a few little details that we count on to make our days better and brighter.  No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, these are things that you can count on to always bring a smile to your face, and I’m pretty excited to finally be launching a new series.  Affectionately known as Essentials, I’m looking forward to sharing my tried and true favorites, and discovering a few new favorites along the way.  After all, it’s the little things, right?

First up in the series is May Designs and these awesome little notebooks.  I met Mica May when I attended The Brand Market Workshop put on by In Honor of Design in NYC a few years ago, where she told us the story of her company, which was totally inspirational.  It’s crazy to think that May Designs, which is now a pretty big deal, started from one idea for a product {a notebook} that she created pretty unintentionally.  As her company grew, Mica has continued to focus on what matters most to her, and at the center of that is her adorable family and the good work she does through her company for The Rise School, a wonderful place from which her youngest son graduated last year.  These little notebooks  – which are now just one of a bunch of different products May Designs carries {I got my Christmas cards from them last year}  – can be completely customized with a monogram, initial, name, or saying, and you can pick the inside pages, too.  They’re also constantly coming out with new designs.  {My cousin and I excitedly text each other whenever a new set comes out like the total dorks that we are…I know…but for real – have you SEEN all these designs?!?} For someone like me who is a ‘writer’ {online to do lists just aren’t the same for me…. and I also write down all my business ideas and ideas for posts in these little guys}, the May Designs notebook is perfection.  {Not to mention all the fun promotions and surprise sales they do!}  These notebooks are small enough to fit in my Simplified Planner pocket, yet big enough to give you a good amount of space for lots of ideas, and I use a May Designs notebook each and every day!!

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One response to “May Designs {Essentials}”

  1. Barbara Casta says:

    Thank you Linda for introducing me to May Designs – I have my first one and am loving making my endless lists in such a pretty notebook!

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