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Merveilleux Monday {Summer Fresh}

Oh my goodness…when it rains, it pours…or, in this case, when it heats up in June, it REALLY heats up!  I’m writing this Monday check-in with fans blasting and I’m leaning onto an ice pack…not only are we three days into a heat wave in the greater Philly area, but my central air is BROKEN.  I repeat – THREE DAYS (and another one tomorrow) of 90+ degree heat, and NO air conditioning.  I realize that this is the very definition of #firstworldproblems, and I risk sounding like a primadonna, and I’ll certainly survive, but it sure ain’t fun.  

The PLUS to heat like this in early June is that there’s sure no denying the arrival of summer in all its glory and – yes ma’am – I’ll drink to that.  This week I’m putting all my energy into finishing up a few big projects before I can ‘officially’ start to enjoy the lazy days of summer, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t at least a little bit stressful, with the hard and fast deadlines of this Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.  I’m powering through and will handle it but –  truth be told – a lot of coffee and several handfuls of gummies {have I mentioned I’m a stress eater?!?  Ugggh I’m the worst!!} might be consumed in the meantime, and I’d surely appreciate any encouraging thoughts you’d be so kind as to send my way!  

Moving on to some fun stuff…

I know I’m not alone in thinking that one of the absolute best things about this season is the seasonal produce, farm markets, and roadside stands that pop up in city squares and every stretch of back road {I’m super lucky to drive through the backroads of New Jersey – the GARDEN STATE – about once a week}, not to mention all the bountiful backyard gardens that fill our refrigerators with fresh-picked, home grown, beautiful fruits, herbs, and veggies for these next few months.  

There’s just something ‘feel good’ about coming into your kitchen with a basket full of fresh, local produce goodness, with the happy task of figuring out ‘what am I going to make with all these peas?!?’ upon you.  And when you factor things like grilling with friends and sipping on an oh-so-refreshing cocktail while you whip up this summer fresh fare, dinner becomes so much more than just the food on your table.  Topping my summer ‘bucket list’ are a few dishes that combine great ingredients, my favorite people, and fun cooking and dining experiences.  So, friends, let the summer fresh fun begin!  {Follow along on IG @pennlynplace with #pennlynfresh}  

Krista Brackin Photography

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