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‘The Surface’ and Week 1 Wrap Up {Fresh New Year}

This has been a fun, short week and good start to 2018 blog wise {and I’ve actually posted on all the days I’ve wanted to post, which is a low-grade miracle, tbh} … this snow came through at the perfect time, because I definitely wasn’t ready to come back to reality after Christmas break, and I’ve been bundled up inside since Wednesday night.  Who doesn’t love a snow day?  I made chicken soup, baked two batches of cookies {and ate WAY too many of them..ugh – how many weeks until I’ll have to face wearing a bathing suit?}, and FINALLY started The Crown {as I could have predicted – I’m obsessed!}.   I’ve also started to watch the Olympic channel in preparation for the games in South Korea in February – I’m totally an ‘everything Olympics’ fan and I absolutely LOVE the winter games!  

Like many people, I’m working on decluttering, simplifying, and streamlining things in the new year.  It’s a good time to clean out and reset, and I have a phrase that I use that represents what this means for me:  “On the Surface.”  This phrase came from my tendency to take so many notes, write ideas in a bunch of books, store emails that I want to review and never review them, and basically be a digital and ‘idea’ hoarder.  I end up writing the same ideas over and over again without doing anything with them, so bringing things to ‘the surface’ is a way for me to clean out all these files, go through all my notes, make everything ‘current,’ refresh my memory of past ideas, and make actual actionable plans for moving forward.  I review Evernote {where I keep a lot of my notes and ideas}, clean out emails, notebooks, and my planner – where I tend to make random notes and write down ideas throughout the day.  I see what things keep popping up over and over again, and decide what to do with them.  By bringing things to ‘the surface’ I’m better able to turn all my ideas into actually doing all the things I really want to do, clean things out, and not be ‘buried’ in mental and digital clutter.  Feeling like everything is current, up to date, and that all my ideas are working to get into action is a pretty amazing, freeing, energizing feeling, and I can’t wait to really dig into clearing things out and letting things bubble up to ‘the surface’ this month {and stay that way!}.  

To recap this week’s posts:

On Tuesday I chatted about my overall, ‘Fresh New Year’ plan, and how I intend to focus more on experiences, the ‘magic of the everyday,’ and being the ‘best version’ of me.  I’m leaning into relationships and what truly makes me happy, and filling my days with what means most to me.   

On Wednesday, I shared my promise to myself that I will get MORE SLEEP once and for all this year so that I’m not the less cute, bigger version of a cranky toddler.  I can’t even imagine how awesome it would feel like to actually get ‘enough’ sleep on a regular basis {5-6 hours is just not enough}, and I really want to see what thing would be like if I wasn’t tired all the time.  

And on Thursday I shared a few places I find inspiration.  Instagram accounts, podcasts, and just plain ol’ peace and quiet really get my creative sparks flying.  

In the spirit of ‘on the surface,’ I cleaned out my Feedly blog reader {does anyone else use this?}, and I came across this good read:

I think a lot of us have come a long way from the ‘glorification of busy’ thing of a few years past {I was one of those people who thought ‘the busier, the better’} and we can mostly agree that having some downtime is a good thing, but this article refers to being busy as a ‘disease,’ and I think it’s a really interesting perspective and a great reminder that having ‘open space’ in your life is a really good thing.

Friends, have a great weekend!  Thanks so much for reading along this week, and I can’t wait to check back in next week with some fresh new topics in my quest to make this a really awesome year:  meal planning, organization, productivity, and what I call a ‘seasonal stock up!’

Image:  Krista Brackin Photography

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