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Yearly Breakdown

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend – it was a pretty chilly one here in the Philly area!  It was one of the quietest – and longest, with an extra day off for Veterans’ Day –  weekends I’ve had in a long while, and I loved every minute of it.  I just moved into a new apartment (which I’m super happy with and I’m loving it!), and I was desperately in need of some ‘settling in’ time, so I didn’t make any plans – other than the family ‘Pierogi Day’ on Saturday.  I needed to sleep in and wake up with no alarm, get some things organized, and just have some quiet time in my new space…and that little ‘hibernation weekend’ {with Taylor’s new album, of course} definitely did my soul good.    

One of the things I checked off my to-do list this weekend was – in the spirit of this whole ‘fall refresh’ and finishing this year strong – to get my editorial calendar and blog plans set for the next two months, and then start getting things organized for next year.  I have a bunch of fun ideas, and there’s really so much I want to do, but I really needed to get it set and organized so that I can focus and make all these things happen.  

I’ve always been a ‘planner,’ and I’m totally Type A when it comes to, well, pretty much everything, but especially with calendar-type things.  I like start and end points, counting up weeks, breaking down time into chunks,  measuring engagement, directing efforts at certain things for a time, and then reflecting afterwards.  I think it’s the statistics-driven psychologist in me, but breaking down the year and making plans for the weeks, months, and seasons is one of the things I like best about blogging.   

I use this approach for a bunch of different things – like menu planning, workouts, and goal setting – and it works really well, I think.  It’s a great way to keep things focused and efforts targeted where you want them to be, in an otherwise busy life {and who’s life isn’t busy?}.  I thought I’d share how I’m breaking things down this year – and this will apply for blog and personal stuff, just with different goals – to share where things are headed for the blog, but also just in case this organize-y craziness might make sense for you, too.  

  • From now until the end of the month I’ll focus on wrapping up this Fall Fresh Start project, working on ‘getting it together’ before the end of the year so I can start 2018 fresh and ready to make things happen.
  • Thanksgiving until New Year’s will be ‘holiday’ focused, and I can’t wait to get into holiday baking and cooking, gift shopping and wrapping, and reflecting on what’s happened this past year and what it’s all meant to me.
  • Goal setting and ‘new year fresh start’ stuff is totally my thing, and I’m working on something pretty exciting {for my fellow goal-setters out there!} to make the most of those early January weeks, when momentum and motivation is high.  I’m determined to make the most out of this time this year, and I’m focusing my energy on creating some high-impact goals for this next year.
  • January, February, and early March is that cozy-snuggly-wintery time, and candles, and slippers, and snow days, and books, and soups, and hot chocolate are already calling my name.  There’s an art to ‘doing’ this time of year well {the whole concept of ‘hygge’} and I want to lean into this fully.
  • Mid to the end of March {you know – those technically ‘spring’ days that don’t usually feel like spring at all} is the time to work out of that hibernation time and start to freshen and brighten things up, refresh our goals, clear out our nests from clutter, and embrace that ‘spring cleaning’ burst of energy.
  • April through ‘til the end of May holds those sweet weeks when the spring buds bloom, and we’re getting out into the fresh air, and things are warming up.  It’s the perfect time to refresh that wardrobe, work in some brighter lipsticks, and just lighten things up overall.  Working in a school, this is a super busy time for me, as I’m focusing on clearing my slate for the upcoming summer months and hopefully winding down the year slowly, NOT ending things in a huge rush, steaming into the finish line.
  • Memorial Day through Labor Day…of course, those summer months.  It’s never too early to start thinking about those long beach days, bike rides, barbecues, and clambakes.  I’m working on some travel plans that will – fingers crossed – be pretty awesome, and a few other projects, so that I can maximize my down time but also get working on some things I’ve been thinking about for a while.  As much as I love the other seasons for all they have to offer, not gonna lie, summer is definitely my favorite time of year, and it’s a mission of mine every year to enjoy it to the fullest.  
  • After Labor Day, I like to take some downtime coming off that rush of the summer to ease into the ‘back-to-school,’ and work on the next fall refresh, and then we’re right back around to the fun of the fall holidays, with Halloween and Thanksgiving.  My wheels are already turning with a few ideas for next year’s fall season!

Let’s get this week off to a great, productive start!  

Image by Krista Brackin Photography

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