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Point Lobos State Reserve {Travel}

Point Lobos is a state reserve that’s in the most majestic location possible – right on the coast off Highway 1 in Carmel, California.  I love to share my love for Carmel and the drive down Highway 1, and this spot is a must-see every time I’m there.  I’ve more than loved ‘going back’ as I wrote this and this post – I’m yearning for a trip back sometime soon, for sure!  During my last week-long stay, I hiked at Point Lobos right when it opened up every morning, and it was an unbelievably energizing way to start the day, and one of my favorite things that I’ve ever done.

I first went to Point Lobos many moons ago when I was just finishing up grad school {the first round} and visiting Carmel for the first time.  My aunt dropped me off at the gate with her cell phone {I guess I had one at this point, but where it was?  No clue.} and I was to ‘call her at the gallery’ when I was done.  I had a map printed off the website, no real clue how to read it, and my uncle had showed me a picture of poison oak online before I left with the simple, yet clear instruction, ‘Don’t touch this.’  FOUR hours and about SIX {unintentional} miles later, I finally called my aunt to come pick up my tired, muddy, and sore self, again at the park entrance.  I was beat, but I also felt in my heart that this was a really special place, and that I would be back.

There’s just SO much to see, and it’s all so diverse.  There are a ton of trails {long and short – I think I did all of them at once during that first visit!} and it’s easy to navigate.  You walk alongside the trees and the ocean, looking out at the hills and the rocks on either side.  You can also scuba dive there, if that’s your thing.  I always see people dive in near where I usually park in Whalers Cove.  I can only imagine what they see under that water!  

The day I took these pics was a little cloudy, but that’s typical for the area – you’ll occasionally get fog and clouds…but the mostly-beautiful weather that’s usually there more than makes up for it!  This stop above China Cove {named for that jade green water} is my favorite, and that first pic in this post is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken.  It just brings me back to this beautiful place, and the colors are unbelievable.  The harbor seals are usually there on the beach and in the water, and when they have their babies – it’s the cutest!  

The little peninsula-like part of the trail that juts out towards ‘Bird Island’ is also a favorite – the views are – of course – great, the birds are a cool thing to see, and there are usually fields of California poppies – which I absolutely LOVE.  There’s something about that orange that just makes me feel so happy.  

The day finally brightened up a little to see the harbor seals along Whalers Cove and the pretty foliage that surrounds it.  I’m not a huge hiker, but I love this place.  The sounds of the waves alone is worth the trip, and – my pictures don’t do this place justice, at ALL! – I can’t imagine you’d see prettier trails anywhere else.  

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  1. Barbara says:

    Amazing! You really captured it all – I feel like I was there!!

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