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Succulents & Fancy Candles {DIY}

This is a fun little DIY project that’s perfect for this time of year, when it’s spring but there’s still a bit of a chill in the air, and everyone’s looking for a little more green.  And, who doesn’t love succulents!?!  I first fully noticed how cool these little beauties were while hiking in Big Sur, California years ago when I was in graduate school {they just grow WILD there on the hillsides – it’s amazing!  I’ve got a post sharing those pics planned for sometime soon!  Stay tuned!}

So, this is pretty much the easiest DIY possible, and it gives you something to do with these ridiculously expensive candles after they’ve burned out.

1 – Put pebbles/tiny rocks in the bottom of the jar – about an inch’s worth.

2 – Add appropriately sized succulent for the jar.  I’ve found that it works best if the plant is no larger than the actual container – smaller is usually better, as these things grow pretty quickly!

3 – Add extra soil where necessary.  I used a specific succulent soil, but I’m pretty sure any potting soil will do just fine.

4 – Add water (not too much), and put your cute little plant somewhere in the sun.

These things are super hearty, and grow quickly – just be careful not to water too much!  I am always forgetting about mine (which have gotten pretty big since I planted them!), adding water every week and a half or so, and they’re absolutely thriving, growing like crazy – and look just like those succulents I saw on the California hillside, a happy memory every time I see them.




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