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Ten Commandments of Social Media

Like so many people this time of year – when we’re reevaluating what’s important to our days, I’ve been thinking a lot about the role social media takes in my daily life.  As I mentioned in my ‘hello 2017’ post, I spend WAY too much time with the mindless scrolling.  The goal is to make social media a positive thing.  Social media is great and can make amazing things happen, if it doesn’t take you over.  It’s too easy to get sucked into the craziness of it all, so you really have to be careful and set limits that work for you.  I’d love to share my life in a positive way, to show people who I am and what I love.  And I’d love for my ‘face’ to be out there more – not just hiding behind the camera – with the intention being to not be in the spotlight but to show who I am and maybe encourage others to do the same.  Regardless of where I happen to be spending my digital time and attention that day {Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter}, I’m trying to let the real focus be how I’m sharing and connecting with the person behind the phone.  So, moving forward, this is what’s going to guide me:
1.  Use to engage & connect.
2.  Use to communicate the heart of my work.
3.  Use it with intention, not for attention.
4.  Use for inspiration, but don’t compare.
5.  Share a balance of work stuff, pretty stuff & real life.
6. Don’t over-think.
7.  Don’t overshare.
8.  Be consistent.
9.  Make it fun & put out good vibes.
10.  Now, put the phone DOWN.
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3 responses to “Ten Commandments of Social Media”

  1. Alisa Green says:

    Totally agree with you. I could get lost in the never ending scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. It can definitely waste your time when you could be doing some worthwhile, like talking with a friend that you haven’t seen in awhile, reaching out to your loved ones who you haven’t spoken to in a fee days, or reading a book that’s inspirational or expands your horizon. I only have Facebook but it does get monotonous reading everyone’s complaints or self-serving rants, etc. I love to pass on a funny thought or something that may inspire someone other than myself. Once again Linda your blig has inspired me. Thank you

    • Linda says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, Alisa!!! It’s so true – once you get scrolling, before you know it so much time has gone by! While Facebook and these other things are great for the fun fun/inspiring things that you mentioned, it’s so easy to give attention that would be better put elsewhere to the things that are not so positive…here’s to prioritizing more of those ‘worthwhile’ things in the weeks and months to come!!

  2. Kristen C says:

    Great rules!

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